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VAE rental (Electrically Assisted Bicycles)

Rent an electric bike and explore the Vexin.

The VAE offered by Vél'OFIL will allow you to easily navigate the steep drops in the region and have sufficient autonomy to swallow the kilometers. Whether you are athletic or not, travel the roads without difficulty and enjoy the landscapes!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

VAE Adults / VAE Children from 8 years old

Themed tours on the Vexin Français Natural Park

Departing from Us station (Val d'Oise-95), take an electric bike to explore the Vexin Natural Park as you wish.

Heritage, Terroir, Sensations, Golf, Crafts, History, Monuments, Museums ...

Everyone will find the theme that suits them best and can discover Vexin as they wish.

Are you hesitating? You don't know what to choose? There will always be time to come back and taste the many experiences of Vél'OFIL du Vexin.

Local catering and accommodation

Vél'OFIL offers you a wide choice of services for your stays. In particular with local catering proposals (picnic baskets, restaurants, etc.) and accommodation (camping, hotel, bed and breakfast, etc.). Ranges adapted to the philosophy and the budget of each one. Let us know what you want, we'll take care of the rest!

Location de vélos électriques, parcours touristiques sur le parc Naturel du Vexin Français, éco-tourisme, cyclo-tourisme
Circuits touristiques à vélos électriques sur le parc Naturel du Vexin Français, éco-tourisme, cyclo-tourisme
Restauration locale et hébergements sur le Parc Naturel du Vexin Français, séjours à vélos électriques, éco-tourisme, cyclo-tourisme
Séjours en famille à vélos électriques sur le Parc Naturel du Vexin Français, éco-tourisme, cyclo-tourisme

What if we went with the family?

Vél'OFIL offers equipment suitable for everyone. And particularly suitable for trips with children: Carioles, child seats, children's pedelecs, we have solutions to allow you to spend unique stays with family or friends, come and recharge your batteries, discover while traveling clean and green.

Séjours touristiques à vélos électriques sur le Parc Naturel du vexin Français pour les entreprises, comités d'entreprises, éco-tourisme, cyclo-tourisme

Business Solutions

Offer your employees a unique tourism experience with a positive impact on the environment. Whether you are a works council or you are looking for a team building type stay, Vél'OFIL offers unique stays that are good for the body and good for the soul!

Stays for young people

Social center, youth services or social service, Vél'OFIL offers you unique tourism solutions to reconnect your users with the great outdoors and the countryside. Breaking stay or simple leisure stays, discovery and connection with nature guaranteed!

Séjours touristiques pour les jeunes à vélos électriques sur le Parc naturel du vexin Français, service jeunesse, protection de l'enfance, découverte de la ruralité