Our advice for safe travel

Everything you need to know to travel with peace of mind

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Plan appropriate clothing

For the use of the electric bike, sporty and comfortable clothing is recommended. We advise you to adapt your outfit to the weather conditions and to bring something to cover if the temperatures are not mild. We advise all our travelers to take a good pair of sneakers. Our bikes are equipped with saddlebags, you will have enough to transport your belongings.

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Remember to protect yourself from the sun

If the forecast is fine, plan to protect yourself against sunburn. Sunscreen and head protection are essential! We provide you with helmets to ride, but a cap or hat will not be too much during your stops.

Stay dry

Remember to bring rain protection. It is quite unpleasant to pedal soaked.

An oversight? Do not panic !

Vél'OFIL will offer you rain protection for sale at the start of the circuits, in the company's colors.

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Remember to hydrate

Remember to bring a gourd or a bottle of water. It is obviously very important to hydrate yourself properly during your trip.

An oversight? Do not panic !

Vél'OFIL will offer you gourds in the company's colors and drinks for sale at the start of the circuits.

Good to know: You will find drinking water points all along your routes.

A tip?

Cemeteries have drinking water points, so if you're dry, there are cemeteries in every town!

Think about the hunger pangs

Remember to plan something to snack on.

It is important to eat when doing sport. Cereal bars, chocolate bars, dried fruits ...

An oversight? Do not panic !

Vél'OFIL will offer you something to satisfy small appetites at the start of the circuits.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Think about the lunch break

Vél'OFIL offers packed lunches to collect from our partner during your tour. However, you can also come with your own picnic. Be careful, the saddlebags are not insulated!

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