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How to prepare for your trip?

Want to take a getaway on the roads of the Vexin Français Regional Natural Park but a few questions remain? Do not panic ! Find all the answers to your questions.

Hello, we are a couple of sixty years old and want to book for us and our two grandchildren (9 years old and 4 years old). Is this a suitable outing? What is a VAE?

Martine, Jacques, Lilou and Thibault (78)

Hello !

It is a VAE and it means: Electrically assisted bicycle.

VAEs are accessible to everyone! They are equipped with a motor that improves your pedaling and thus offers assistance to better support your effort. However, to twist your neck to received ideas, you still have to pedal to move forward.

Whatever your level of sport, the electric assistance facilitates the effort, and makes the bike ride accessible to all. It will therefore be easier for you to browse the steep drops in the region and many kilometers on the roads of the Vexin Français Regional Natural Park. Our circuits are also adapted in terms of distance and autonomy to the performance of our electric bikes.

We have two kinds of bicycle models:

- adult, unisex and adjustable bikes, suitable for all sizes

- children's bikes (also electrically assisted) from 8 years old and / or 130cm

- for the little ones, we offer the rental of trailers or seats so that they can accompany you without worries!

Hello, a little security question to reassure me ... Up to how many km / h can I drive an eBike? Do I need a license to rent an eBike? Is it compulsory to wear a helmet? If so, are they provided?

Melody (75)

Hello Melody!

The maximum speed of the electric assistance is 25 km / h. It is considered a classic bike, therefore you do not need any license.

Helmets are compulsory up to 12 years old. However, it is strongly recommended even over 12 years old. All safety equipment is included in our rentals so that you can move around safely and safely!

Hello, we come from Paris and are not transported, how to get to you? In addition, are the walks maintained in the event of bad weather?

Karim and Sabrina (75)

Hello !

The departures of our circuits are at the Gare d'Us (95450). It's one hour from Gare Saint-Lazare, live on line J of the Transilien, so don't worry even if you are not driving! We will welcome you at this meeting point where you will collect your bikes to set off on the roads.

Regarding the weather, the walks are maintained except in exceptional cases making the roads impassable. In addition, know that the VAE can be used in the rain, the electrical part is waterproof!

Hello, we have booked for mid-April. The electric bicycle is a first for us! Practical question… How should you dress?

Mathieu, Liza and Lucie (91)

Hello !

The cyclist's clothing is not necessary for an eBike ride! However, choose comfortable clothes and a pair of sneakers to be comfortable on the roads of the Vexin Français Regional Natural Park.

Otherwise, we strongly advise you to adapt your outfit according to the weather in order to better appreciate our circuits!

Hello, how does it work if the eBike breaks down?

Miguel (95)

Hello Miguel!

A quick repair kit is included in the rental in the event of a puncture. If it is a technical problem making use impossible, we will help you as soon as possible.

Hello, are rentals insured?

Denis (92)

Hello Denis!

The rental price includes daily insurance that covers theft and breakage. We ask our travelers to take a photo each time they lock the VAE in order to facilitate the procedures in the event of theft.

In addition, a deposit is required when you take charge of your rental. The sum is returned if no deterioration is noted upon receipt.

Hello, I just went to the site. I saw the amount of the deposits. Without hiding anything from you, it scares me. What happens if I have my bike stolen during the activity or if I break it, is my deposit taken?

Leonie (75)

Hello Léonie,

Rest assured, everything is in place so that your deposit is not taken. Indeed, the breakage and theft insurance taken out with Tulip is included in the rental price.

This insurance covers all accidental breakage of the bicycle and theft by assault / break-in.

In the event of a problem, the excess is 10% of the amount of repairs in the event of breakage and 10% of the value of the bike in the event of theft.

Theft of the bicycle not attached to a fixed point and damage caused intentionally are not covered by the insurance.

For example, if you break a part of the bike and the amount of the repair is 100 €, you will have to pay an amount of 10 €, that is to say the 10% deductible. The rest is the responsibility of our insurer.

The deposit is for Vél'OFIL the guarantee of careful use of our bikes by our customers. This will be returned to you when the bike is returned if no damage is noted. In the event of a deterioration, your deposit will be returned to you once the amount of the excess has been paid.

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VAE rental

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Local catering

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Rental of transport equipment for children

Matériel de sécurité à vélo, circuits touristiques à vélos électriques, éco-tourisme, cyclo-tourisme

Safety equipment included

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